Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's day plus!

I got totally spoiled this year for father's day. Joy got me an amazing ice cream cake from Cold Stone, really strong coffee, donuts, a sweet card, and a deck of cards with reasons the boys love me on each, paintings, and not to mention the tv that was my father's day present from before. It was really sweet and I feel totally loved.

The best part was sharing the cake the cake with boys. It was so yummy and the boys loved it ubber much.

I'm so happy being a father to these boys. I love them and Joy so much! My life is really amazing!

Right now, I'm watching Tangled with the boys on the couch. Bedtime has been rough lately so we're having a little movie time. I'm hoping they fall asleep but not sure they will.

They have been so hyper lately! Bouncing off the walls to say the least! They have also been wrestling and tackling each other. One thing they love to do now is when I'm trying to put them to bed, they jump off their bed and latch on to my back.

My parents stopped by tonight which was cool! We all went to the park and the boys showed off all their playground moves: slides, swings, climbing, and goofiness. When we came back they played in the back yard and played ball with my dad. It was a fun night.

Potty training has taken a little break but I think we'll start up again soon. My mom bought them new underwear! Hehe

--picture by Joy. Taken when they were trying to take down a tree.

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