Sunday, June 3, 2012

Potty training and wildness

I have been introducing the boys to the potty for a while now. When they are in the bathroom with me, I try to explain what I'm doing. They showed an interest and shortly before they turned two, I held them on the potty. So, when they turned two, we bought them a potty. I thought it would just introduce them.

So far, it's pretty good success. I can get them both to sit on the potty and they show an interest when I'm in there going.

The day before yesterday, after sitting on the potty, Jasper got up and starting peeing on the rug. I moved the potty closer to him and he stood over it and peed in the potty!! This happened again yesterday!! We all cheered.

Jasper has been one sitting on the potty the most, so yesterday me and boys walked to the store and bought another one so he and Jacob can both sit together.

Potty training might not be that bad!

In other news, the boys are getting more wild and smart! Jacob now likes to line up all the dining room to make a bridge. He has also been liking to move the living room chair next to the coffee table so he and Jasper can jump forward and backwards on the chair and also on each other. Wresting is something they have also been into and sword fighting.

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