Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beginning on vacation

Been on vacation all week! So far it's been a blast! Last Saturday, we took the boys to their first gymnastics class at the YMCA. Our boys were a little more wild than the others. The parents gave us some looks but I think the boys were getting their money's worth. They loved all the equipment including the trampoline.

Sunday we took the boys on a hike at Hampton Hills. They loved it and we looked for bugs and frogs.

Yesterday, we took the boys to the movie theater for the first time. We saw the lorax. Jasper was glued! Jacob say next to me and loved eating candy and watching. He sat still for an hour until the candy ran out. Even at that, he just wondered a little bit down the aisle. I'd say major success.

Today, we had another gymnastics class. The other kids were a bit more wild!! Made us feel better about the looks on Saturday.

We have also been watching a lot of the olympics when we are home. They seem to love volley ball!

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