Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoo and Toy store freak out

Since the last post. We went to the zoo. We let them walk around and for some reason they kept getting too excited and fall down. We had some scrapped knees.

I was really excited to show the animals. We have been naming the animals on their bedroom wall and I was really excited to see their reaction in person. Jacob said "giraffe" at one point last week. I was so proud of him.

However, the boys were more interested in rocks than animals! Hehe. They have been going through a rock thing lately. They have been picking up rocks to take home. I think we will have a rock collection soon!

We took the boys to Target to get manga doodles. Joy thought it would be a good toy for them. I picked up the manga doodles and showed them. I then went down the "Toy Story" aisle. There I experienced the first toy store freak out. Joy was looking around else where in the store. When we met, she saw the boys freaking. She took Jasper out of the cart and they walked back to the toys. Jacob helped me push cart back. In the end, we put the magma doodles back, we picked up two Buzz Lighyears, and all was right with the world.

Last Friday, Jasper started exploding with words. We were in their playroom upstairs and he handed me a magnetic letter "E." He responded by saying "E." Then we went around the room naming things and he repeated. It was awesome.

Jacob is big into the word "no." If you ask him anything his response is usually "um, no!" or just "no!" I make him laugh when I respond with "yesss!"

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