Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July vacation

I took a mini vacation around the fourth of July. Had 5 days off straight and it was nice!!! Hot but very nice!!

Saturday, we had a chill day at home. It had been mostly too hot to go outside!

Sunday, we took the boys to the Monroe Falls beach. This was their first time to the beach and in a lake. I was bit scared that they would be too wild. However, they were really good and I felt at ease once we got into the water. Joy and I held on to the entire time in water. They both did a great job kicking their feet and kind of doggy pedal. I think they are going to end up being good swimmers. We might sign them up for swimming classes in the fall at the YMCA. They also loved playing with the sand on the beach. We buried hands and feet. Joy made a deep hole which we filled with water. I can't wait to go back to the beach,

We have a toy piano that the boys love to play. Jasper took it and started singing. Jacob wanted it too so it stated a little fight. Joy and I ended going to Once Upon A Child and picking up another piano and percussion toys.

I walked in on Jacob singing in our bedroom going "da ba da ba da no! No!" and waving his hands while singing "no no." He did this over and over. It was so cute!!! He got all embarrassed when Joy walked in and wouldn't sing for her. Later that week, Joy walk in on him singing he pointed and told her to "go".

They both love playing music in the basement. I let Jasper play with an old broken microphone. He walks around and sings in it when he's not playing the organ. Jacob plays the guitar and sings and also sits behind the drums and plays and sings.

Monday, Joy and I went to the Indians game! It was very fun, even though they lost. Drank beer and ate giant ice cream cones!! The boys stayed home with Joy's mom and later her brother stopped by.

On the fourth, we went to my parents' house for a get together. It was a lot of fun! The boys got to play outside on their jungle gym. Jasper spent most of the time going down the slide. He was having such a blast!! Jacob played baseball with his cousin Jimmy and my cousin Jon. Jake was doing an amazing job at hitting the ball with bat.

My dad set up a sprinkler for them and we also had bubbles. Jimmy gave the boys all his old match box cars.

Great vacation!!! More vacation time soon!!

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