Sunday, November 25, 2012


Thanksgiving was a major success! This year, we had thanksgiving at our house and Joy cooked an amazing amount of food. Everything was perfect and fun. My parents came along with Joy's mom and brother.

We started out the day by watching the parade here and there. Jacob loved the spiderman float, Jasper would rather watch the cartoon. Very funny!

My parents brought them Spiderman cars which they loved.

Joy made a ton of food, which we are still eating. Yesterday, I pulled out chocolate oero pie. Jasper pointed to the cherry pie instead. I was shocked! Hehe

Jacob has been sick since yesterday. They both have sinus infections but Jacob has it a little worse. Poor dude is so miserable! He had been sleeping a lot.

I took them both to the minute clinic at CVS. They are both on antibiotics.

We have been watching a lot of movies.

The boys are starting to talk!!!!!!! Yay!!!

When I left Jacob after I thought he was sleeping, he called out "where'd you go?". He also said "there he is" when I asked where Jasper was.

Jasper has been repeating me a lot. I dropped a box of popcorn and said "oh shit," he responded with "oh sheesh". Need to watch my mouth!!

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