Monday, November 5, 2012

Boo at the zoo

The Saturday before Halloween, we all went to Boo at the Zoo. We = us, my parents, and Joy's mom and brother. The boys went as Spider-things. They were supposed to be just Thing 1 and Thing 2, just even colored their hair blue, but it was cold so they wore their new Spider-man hats. Joy went as Thing Mom with puffed hair and ribbons and I went as the Cat in the Hat. The others went Thing Grandma, grandpa, and uncle.

The zoo was fun. We went though a maze, saw some of a magic show, dancing, and my dad and I took the boys on a train. Uncle John got the boys popcorn.

It rained so much but luckily it held up for us to go. When we got home we pigged out on M&Ms.

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