Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I'm a little behind in my updates.... Right now, I'm watching a Nightmare before Christmas with the boys. It's a perfect mix of Halloween and Christmas and boys love it. They also love Vincent, a short on the DVD.

Last week, we took the boys to the mall to play. I forgot to put socks on Jacob, so Joy bought socks while we were there. They played for a good while. This time, they played more together than other time we went there. Jasper really wanted to see the train at the mall, which caused a little freak out. He was pretty satisfied after seeing until it arrived back.

The boys also went on carousel. They waved at everybody and says hi. It was so cute!!

A few days later, the boys developed a nasty cold. Runny noses, coughing... Looked rough but luckily they are already feeling better.

Joy started working on Sunday at Barnes and Noble. It was 69 degrees outside, so I took the boys outside and then to the park. We also took ace for a short walk. It was so nice to be outside.

The boys are really starting to use their words. It is really cool. They are really great at Green Eggs and Ham, saying some of the words before I say them.

The boys have also gotten really good at riding their tricycles, they are going to love their Christmas presents!!!

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