Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas vacation/new years

The boys have grown so much and I have been lacking at posting!!! Christmas vacation went by so fast!!! It was really great being home with the boys.
Oct through Dec has been a very busy for Joy as she had a lot of orders for her cookie business and took up a part time job at a book store. So we did not spend all that much time together. In fact, this weekend is our first full weekend together.
We have been doing a lot of playing. They love playing with their new train set. Playing in their playhouse. Playing with their cycles and leap pads.
I am so surprised at how good they are with their leap pads. They are playing four year old games.
Their imagination is starting to kick off. They watched Brave and then were running a away from an imaginary bear. They would run to me and say "bear! See! Help." Then Jacob would pretend fall and be hurt while Jasper tried to save him. So funny!!
I thought them how to play dodgeball which they find hilarious!!! Jacob was falling over laughing while Jasper hit me with balls.
It was too cold this year to go out to New Years in Akron. So we stayed in with Joy's mom over. We watched movies, Joy and I made beer, and ate pizza. The boys fell asleep before midnight.
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