Friday, January 18, 2013


The boys have been talking up a stor. They are really getting the hang of talking and repeating words we say. Joy came home from Sam's club with chocolate chip, Jake wanted some so he said "choc-o-late" out of no where. We were amazed, so Joy gave them chocolate chips.
Right now, I'm trying to get them on a better sleep schedule. After my vacation and various time off, the boys have been going to bed later and later. So this week, I have been trying to get a routine down to get them to bed at 9. It doesn't always work out... But I have had some success.
The weekend was nice enough that we go to be outside on Saturday. We hit up two parks, let them ride their new tricycles outside.
On Sunday, my parents stopped by to drop off new toy trucks. Jasper took a liking to his grandpa. Every time, he tried to get up to leave, Jasper took his hand lead him upstairs and then downstairs.
When they were going downstairs, Jasper was holding Grandpa'a hand and Jacob went head. Then notice Jasper and walked back to hold grandpa's other hand.

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