Sunday, January 20, 2013

Science Center

Today we went to the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center. We decided to get family passes this year. It will pay off when go twice. The boys love it there.

In order to get ready this morning, Joy mentioned Choo Choo to Jacob. The whole ride up and to the science center that is all Jacob talked about. Luckily when we got in there, there was a choo choo.

The boys quickly ended up in the polymers room and played in the ball pit. They spent much of their time in there. They loved shooting the balls up this tube they have in there. Jasper was mostly thrilled with this. Jacob liked face planting into the balls.

They also loved playing on the jungle gym. This is exciting because for their birthday this year, we are planning on getting them a jungle gym.

The science center is really awesome!! I'm looking forward to going there more. They have an Egypt exhibit and a large boat we can go on. There is also a water area for the boys.

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