Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hide and Seek

Over the weekend, Joy brought up the game is hide and seek. It was so fun! Not only for the boys but for Joy and I too.

The boys and I would put our hands over our eyes and counted to ten. I would say one and they would repeat up to ten. Finally "ready or not, here we come!"

At first, the boys had two places they would hide; the closet in Joy and I's room or under the kitchen table. Then Jasper hid under underneath blankets in his bed or our bed.

It was really funny because they would hide then laugh or just walk out from hiding place when we'd enter the room.

At one point I hid under a blanket in their room. They didn't see me so I giggled. They were laughing when they found me. So cute.

We would look for mommy, then boys and Joy would find me, followed by Joy and I finding the boys.

Last night, we were in the living room and the boys were in their room. Jacob said really loudly "ah! Two! Here I come!" I quickly hid underneath a blanket.

The picture is from grocery shopping on Saturday.

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