Friday, July 2, 2010

Aware of surroundings

The boys are now a month and half old and boy are these boys growing. They are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings. They've been into looking and feeling things. The other night, I was holding Jacob and he was looking at my hair so I put my head down and he put his hand out to feel my hair. Jasper had been really into grabbing Joy's necklace. Jasper is also starting to become ticklish.

We had some nice help over last week. Our friends Heather and Kit flew up from Colorado to visit. They are thinking about kids and they used the trip for a crash course. It was fun and helpful having them over. Joy and I got to spend some alone time together while they watched the boys.

The fourth of July weekend is approaching and can't wait to be home. Today, Joy's mom is over and we're gonna have a cook-out. I'm hoping to take the boys out for a stroller ride in the park.

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  1. visting from Multiples & More... enjoy your babies! they grow up so fast!