Friday, July 9, 2010

Strollin' and up in the air

The boys have found two things they love besides eating and sleeping. Last weekend, I took them on a walk. They're too small to fit inside the double stroller, so I put Jasper in the the single stroller and Jacob in the carrier sling. Jacob loved looking around. His eyes got so big, looking at the sky and trees in the park by our house. Jasper promptly fell asleep. The next night, we went on another walk they were both very attentive.

The other thing they love now is being held in the air. Jacob kicks his feet as if he is trying to jump back in the air when I bring him back down. Jasper leans his head to tell me he wants back in the air, they also let me know by crying.

We had a very good fourth of July weekend. One day, we dressed them up in baseball clothes and took a ton of pictures. After that, Joy gave the boys a bath and I took pictures. We then let the boys play in the patio. Joy brought out the pack n play mat and put it on the ground. The boys got plenty of "belly time" and work on being held up to stand.

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