Friday, July 30, 2010

Four years and a stolen car

Joy and I celebrated our four-year dating anniversary last weekend. We dropped the boys off at her mom's house for some Grandma and Uncle John time while we had some alone time.

We had originally planned on going to the park for a picnic but we had a heat advisory. The weather channel actually advised to stay in air condition. So we got ice cream, did a little bit of fun shopping and got take out food to take home from Pad Tai. It was really great to spend time together.

Sunday we stayed home with the boys. It was awesome to hang out as a family. Sometimes it's difficult with sleeping, work, and extended family stopping by to just spend some good quality together.

One of the ways I like to bond with the boys is go on a walk before it gets dark. However, with heat and rain it's been difficult. I think we only got out maybe twice this week. It looks like it's cooling outside though so hope we can get back on a walking routine. I miss it.

On Wednesday, Joy and I weren't feeling well so I stayed home from work. We thought it would be good to relax and get well. We decided to head out and pick up some food, so we got the boys all ready for the car ride. When we got outside, the car was missing. Someone stole our car!

So the day of relaxing turned into a day of having the police come out and getting in touch with the insurance company.

We got a call a couple hours later that the police have found the car. They picked me up, I got to ride in the back like a bad person (haha). The car was surprisingly in good condition.

They smoked in car but used the ash tray, the car seat bases were missing but I found them in the trunk. I was relieved. We just need to air out the car before we have the boys in there.

This weekend looks uneventful, which is really nice.

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