Friday, January 7, 2011

Crawling and speaking/singing

Last week, I took a week of vacation between Christmas and New Years. It was so nice being home with Joy and the boys. It was a great week of just hanging out at home. There were days were we didn't leave the house.

The boys are moving a lot more on the rug we put out for the them. They are really good at turning around in a circle and crawling backwards. They love trying to get to their toys or to our dog or cat.

Jacob loves being on the rug so much he hasn't wanted to play in his jeep. Jasper on the other hand has been much more active in his jeep.

The boys have been sleeping much better at night. Although Joy and I figured it would be better to divide and conquer. Joy has been bringing Jasper to bed with her and I have been sleeping with Jacob on the couch. This works because we all get sleep.

Jasper has been talking up a storm. He sings himself to sleep and then talks during the day. In last couples days he has been saying "mom mom mom." How cool is that? His grandma is constantly trying to get them to talk by saying "mom mom mom," and "dad dad dad."

Jacob has been singing by holding a single note out. It's really impressive! Out of nowhere, he'll just sing "ahhhhhhhh". It's so cute.

I gotta get my phone out to record them speaking! I tried the other day but as soon as I did they stopped.

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