Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving part 3 plus Christmas decorating

Saturday, we celebrated Thanksgiving part 3 with Joy's mom and brother. I expected the boys to freak at Joy's brother since they freaked at my family. They have developed their stranger anxiety recently. So Joy's mom held Jacob and I held the Jasper at the table. They both stared at her brother but no real freak out.

After food, I caught up on the Walking Dead show on AMC while Jasper hung out with Joy's brother for a minute and then went into the kitchen with Joy and her mom. Jacob slept next to me.

When we got home, we put up our Christmas tree and decorations. The boys love the tree however no match to the tv and gummy bears song.

Poor Jacob is having a rough time with his teeth. I really hope they pop out in the next day or so. Jasper is doing much better now his front bottom two are sticking out. I think the top two are on their way.

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