Thursday, January 20, 2011

Growing, speaking, moving, and stealing

Over the weekend we had to lower the cribs. The boys are starting to try to pull themselves up and we don't want them to learn while in their cribs when we're not there. After we lowered them, Joy put them in and had them standing, leaning on the railing. They got the biggest kick out of it. Jasper enjoyed falling down on his butt after awhile, Jacob not so much.

A couple days ago I went to get Jasper out if his crib. While doing so, I started saying/singing "good morning!" over and over. Then Jasper mumbled out something resembled "good morning." I was stunned. Joy said he is trying to mimic me. So naturally, I've been saying a lot of "good mornings."

The boys have become masters in their jeep walkers. They can both move themselves almost where ever they want to go. It's not uncommon now to be in the bathroom and then see one of the boys stroll up. They've also been getting themselves stuck in a traffic jam-like situations in the hallways.

They have also been able to play more independently on the rug with their toys. However, they've become quite jealous of each others toys. Even if they both have the same toy in hand, one will drop it and try to steal the others. This can cause tears.

One day, Jacob was working really hard to get a toy out of the toy basket. He was so determined and when he finally got it out, Jasper took it.

Although this isn't new, the boys get upset if you walk by them without saying "hello." I'll come in from work and put my stuff away and they'll get so upset if I don't stop by and play with them first thing. Although, if they're in their jeeps they can just come along.

The last couple of nights have been rough. The boys have waking up about every hour during the night screaming. I'm not sure if they're not feeling good, teeth, or what.

This morning around 6:30, Joy got up with Jasper and decided it was time for them to both be awake. She wrote out a schedule for feeding and nap times. If all goes well, we hope the boys will start to sleep better at night.

This weekend, our friends Heather and Kit are flying in from Colorado. They haven't been up since last June. I bet they'll be surprised at how much they've grown.

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