Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning new things

This was written yesterday but I didn't get to post it:

Last week when I was trying to put Jacob to sleep I realized he had way too much energy. I put him on the ground as I laid on the couch. I put him down in a crawling position next to the couch. Next thing I knew he had gotten himself to sit up on his butt. Just a couple days ago, I noticed Jasper doing sitting moving to sit on his butt.

Now their new thing is to really work on standing up. They've been trying on the coffee table, their toy basket, and just themselves. I really think they will be master the art of walking at some point soon! They get so determined.

Their vocabulary is "mom mom mom," "da da da," "yeah yeah yeah," with occasional "hi."

They have gotten a lot better at communicating what they want. We had friends, Heather and Kit over for the weekend and Kit offered to watch Jacob on Monday so I could go to sleep. She took Jacob but he quickly turned to me and pulled his arms out and tried to grab for me.

The boys did really great with company over. They got an ubber a lot of attention. They didn't seem too scared of Heather and Kit when they arrived but we held them for awhile before passing them off.

Yesterday, I got my guitar back from being repaired and was playing it on the floor with boys watching on the rug. Jasper was really into what was going and really wanted the cord that was going from the guitar to the amp. So for the first time, Jasper actively crawled forward to get the cord.

He was so proud of himself, he started crawling all around. He went down the hall to work on getting the drawers we have in our hallway.

On the side of the room, Jacob got him standing on his knees, leaning on our rocking chair. I got the video camera out and started taping. I got Jacob pulling himself up and Jasper crawling towards the camera.

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