Friday, April 29, 2011

Dudes Night In

Last night, it was just me and the boys. Our friend Heather came up from Texas to visit family and last night she and Joy went to the Indians game.

Joy had prepared food the boys and I and cleaned up the house. As soon as dinner was done the boys took all their toys out of their toy basket and spread them through the living room, hallway, and dining room.

The boys did not have much of a nap yesterday, so they both were tired. Jacob was clingy and wanted held.

I took Jacob in the kitchen with me while I was cleaning up and making coffee for the morning. I let him smell the beans. He opened his mouth really big. It was really cute.

Jasper was laying on his back on the living room rug, wiggling around. I watched with Jacob from the kitchen.

I then put Jacob on the rug and grabbed out their drum, toy piano, and blocks. We had a jam session that included that with singing and clapping. It is really amazing that they can match each others pitches and hold notes for an extended period of time.

After that was done, I read them several books. Sometimes they would pay attention, other times get upset that I wasn't giving them the books.

Bed time came and Jasper fell right asleep with his bottle in his crib.

Jacob stated crying and when I entered was holding an empty bottle. I took him to the living room and sat with him on the couch and watched Grindhouse. He quickly fell asleep.

I took him to crib to find the bottle he had's nipple was somewhat removed and his crib was covered in formula.

So now I had to successfully change sheets with Jacob in my arm and not wake him up. This was unsuccessful. Jacob was very unhappy.

I put him in his playpen with another bottle and changed his sheets. I brought him back to his crib, which he didn't fall sleep in. I brought him back to the couch with me where he fell asleep.

As I was taking him to crib again, Joy and Heather came home. This startled our dog and started barking at the door and acting like a madman because Heather was over. This woke up both boys.

Joy took Jasper and I had Jacob and we all watched Grindhouse till the boys fell asleep and both were successfully put in their cribs.

It was a fun night. Joy had fun on her outting despite it being cold and rainy. She had beer and peanuts, which is normally not a fan of. The Indians won!

We all slept good last night!!

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