Friday, July 22, 2011

Phone home

Last week, Jasper was loving his play phone. He would talk into it and walk in and out of the living room. He had a good conversation with Elmo, the type of play phone they have.

So Monday on the ride home from work, I called and Joy tried to give them the phone to see if they would talk in it. Jacob seemed to take control of the phone. He was talking up a storm. I would say "dada" and he would repeat it. I asked him where his nose was and he touched his nose. Joy had to tell that.

Wednesday, I talked to Jasper more on the phone. He was a little more reserved but he did he did talk a bit. I got him to sing "Ahh." I stated singing to him and he dropped the phone and ran off. Jacob took the phone and after I stated singing, he dropped the phone and ran off. Little critics! :-)

Wednesday night, we went to the library to have baby time. This time, there was another couple there with their 13 month old. We were hoping the boys would interact more with the little girl but they all seemed to be independent.

The boys loved rolling the ball back and forth with the librarian and marching around the room. The librarian brought out bubbles, which Jasper loved. He stood right by the bubble maker.

Yesterday, it was hottest day we've had in 16 years. So after dinner, we took a family trip to dairy queen. The boys shared dq ice cream sandwich, which they ate on the ride home. When we got home, I gave them a bath and Joy took all the fabric off the car seats to be washed.

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