Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas and new years

This year for Christmas, we did both families on Christmas eve and spent christmas day at home with just us at home.

Needless to say, Christmas eve was hectic but good. We started the day by spending it with Joy's mom and brother. We had lunch over there. This year, the boys weren't too into opening presents but they loved playing with the toys and taking stuff off the tree. After opening presents we put fantastic mr fox on but the boys weren't too into it. We then put on how to train your dragon which they did. Jacob fell asleep on Joy's brother.

Jasper took a nap on the way to my parents' house. The boys loved playing with their cousins and running around my parents house. Their cousin Aidan had a star wars lightsaber, which the boys took and loved. The next day, they pretended a wrappng paper roll was a lightsaber.

My parents got the boys big cat trucks which make a lot of noise and move. So aside from running around and lightsabering, they loved playing with the trucks.

On Christmas morning we headed upstairs for the big unveiling of their playroom! The boys quickly ran for the bed and the drums. They also loved the car, that we already had for them. I don't think they understood the greatness of the playhouse yet but I showed them the basketball hoop which they love. Joy played with the megablocks which they loved to


On Christmas the boys seemed a little beat from the previous day, so we did some movie time.

Great Christmas.

I had the rest of the week off because I took a vacation. We had plenty of time upstairs. Just yesterday, they seemed to really love the playhouse. Joy and I both took turns going in the house. Jasper loves climbing through the windows and Jacob loves playing peekaboo.

Tonight, we're planing on going to first night for new years eve.

-- that was written dec 31, 2011.

Last night, we headed to Akron's first night. We all had a blast seeing lot of bands play. The boys enjoyed clapping with the music. We saw a Yiddish band that was a lot of fun. Lots of dancing which we all enjoyed watching. We then headed out to watch the fireworks at nine. The boys perked up during the fireworks.

We headed home after the fireworks and we had fries and ravioli. Our plan was going to let them stay up to watch the ball drop but Jasper fell asleep on Joy before. Jacob almost fell asleep on me but then took off to play. After the ball drop he fell asleep easily in his bed.

-- that was written on jan 1st.

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