Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Action packed Sunday!

Had a fun weekend with the Joy and the boys. Friday we had our first snow of the year. Sunday, we let the boys play out in the snow for their first time.

We bundled them up very warmly, with PJs, jeans, hoodie, winter coats, gloves and hats. They loved walking around the backyard in all the snow. They fell down a couple times but mostly just walked around and touched the snow.

We only stayed outside for about 20 minutes because it was pretty cold out.

Joy made play dough later and let them play with it later at the dinner table. Joy and I had fun with it too! The boys had a blast smashing the dough and rolling it.

Joy also made a fort for them to play in later with sheets in the hallway. She turned out of the lights and gave them flash lights.

The boys had a big Sunday!!! I put them to bed at 8pm, usually I put them to bed at 9, which they were out by.

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