Friday, January 13, 2012

Playing and learning

Last night, we had a fun learning and exercise game with the boys. Joy and I did things like jump, put our hands in the air, and stand on one foot and tried to get the boys to copy us.

Jacob loved it, Jasper was a little reluctant at first but then had really got in it. Jacob loved when we started spinning. As soon as he stopped spinning, I would go over to make sure he didn't fall into anything.

Jasper stated really getting into when we were standing on one foot. He had a little trouble balancing so he went over the wall and used his hand to lean. So cute!

Joy thought they could learn their animals by running to the animals that were on their wall. We would say "run to the lion" and then run and tap the lion, and then the giraffe. He did this for awhile.

We had a lot of fun playing yesterday!

Joy got a bunch of a activity books from the library today. It should be very helpful and a great learning experience.

Today, we had a snow storm. I'm hoping that it warms up a little bit to where we can take them outside to play.

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