Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to work and jamming!

Just went back to work yesterday. It was so great to be home with Joy and the boys. Time went so fast. It is crazy how fast time flies at home. Must of the day seems like trying to get the boys to nap and then to bed at night.

During vacation we had a big milestone with moving them into toddler beds. It has been a struggle to keep them in bed. But they do eventually fall asleep. I got a lot of reading done while trying get them to nap.

--that was written last week but I never finished writing!

Last Sunday, I took the boys downstairs to play music. I let them play the drums, organ, and guitar. They had so much fun!

I played the drums at one point and Jasper started clapping and dancing with Jacob banged the cymbals. They love music!

Jacob started hitting keys on the organ and stated singing! I started singing too to see if he could match the pitch.

It's so much fun to make noise with them!

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