Sunday, March 25, 2012


Since the last post, the weather has been fantastic! The boys been doing tons of playing outside and at the park. Joy has been taking the boys out on her own. Then we have been taking themto the park at night when I get home.

The boys love the park and love playing with the other kids. At one point two elementary school aged girls held their hands and helped them down the slide.

At first one of them grabbed Jasper's hand. Jacob saw and really wanted to hold her hand. Then when Jasper was at the top of the slide and the girl at the bottom, Jacob jumped in front of Jasper and went down to the girl. Then the girl's friend held Jasper's hand. They played for awhile.

Near the end of the week, Jacob got a fever. It's Sunday now and the fever broke, but I can tell her still doesn't feel good.

Yesterday, we went to my parents' house. The boys got to play outside on their jungle gym; swinging and going down the slide. Later in the night, we went to their basement and watched Rio off their projector. My dad held Jacob and I almost fell asleep with Jasper and Joy on the couch.

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