Friday, March 16, 2012

St Patrick's Day Parade

Last Saturday, we hit up the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Akron. I'm not sure why they have it a week earlier than the actual holiday. Maybe they don't want to have the parade with drunk people stumbling about.

We let the boys walk this time holding hands to the parade. They really love their freedom and they do hold hands for the most part. They liked looking at the shops along the way. However, we still picked them up when we crossed the street.

Jacob was not too happy being picked up to cross the street. Joy had his hand in the beginning and picked him up across the first street. I had Jasper, who didn't mind.

The second street we had to cross, I had to pick up Jacob. He was really not happy about it. After we crossed, I put him down but he wanted to go back to cross the street again. I had to pick him up again and he freaked out. I tried several more attempts to put him down but I ended up just picking him up.

He freaked till the police cars and fire engines past in the parade. He had a blast waving back at the police officers and firemen. He also loved the matching bands.

I was able to put Jacob down at that point. He and Jasper both got to grab candy that was being thrown from the parade. Jacob grabbed the candy for me to put in my pocket and Jasper threw the candy back! So funny!!

We ended up leaving the parade early though. It was really cold! Jacob was fine for a little bit of the walk but I had I pick him up again which caused him to freak. A little boy walked up to us and said "maybe this will make him feel better" and tried to give him an American Flag. Jacob wasn't interested but Jasper was. He walked back with Joy's hand and the flag in the other.

We brought a camera and a video camera but we did get any pictures.

While this was a more difficult event, I'm glad we all did it. The boys really enjoyed the parade, waving, the candy, matching bands, and police cars. When we got home, we all had a tootsie roll.

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