Sunday, September 16, 2012

At the mall

This week, we took a trip to the mall to pick up some shoes for Joy. Joy got quarters and we let the boys play on the little rides. They loved them so much they didn't want to leave.

When we stopped at the shoe store Jacob was very excited about all the "boots". I had to hold onto to him extra tight because he wanted down so badly.

They have a play area in our mall for kids. They got play houses, things to crawl and climb. Jasper befriended a little girl with whiter hair than they have. The little girl loved chasing Jasper but since she was much smaller than he is, she couldn't catch up to him. So Jasper started falling and laying down so she would catch up to him. He would lay there and she would get on top of him and tickle him. He thought it was so funny.


taught the rest of the kids how to climb and jump off the playhouse. Not sure the other parents appreciated that but no one was hurt and the kids has fun.

They had so much fun at the mall and it's a really nice set up. It will be a great place to go during the winter.

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