Sunday, September 9, 2012

Edgewater and trains

On Saturday, September 1st we went to Edgewater Park to watch the air show from afar. The boys got to see lake erie for the first time. We didn't see too many planes but a few turned around overhead. The boys loved it. Jacob said "wow".

However the boys were more interested in the trains that were in a distance. The boys love their trains!!

The boys chased birds on the beach and Joy pointed out that the water quality was good. So we let the boys get their feet wet and eventually sit in the water. They loved it!!! They liked the waves. It was really hard to get them out of the water. But a walk to the ice cream stand helped.

Joy took the boys into the bathroom and showered them. Jacob wanted nothing of it and Jasper loved it.

We got 2 chocolate chocolate chip ice cream cones for the boys. A strawberry for Joy and peanut butter for me. Jasper ate the strawberry and Jacob ate the peanut butter until he got sleepy and fall of the picnic table. Then he had the rest of my chocolate chip. Poor dude!!!

During the week, Joy and her mom took the boys to Lodi outlet mall and let the boys ride on the train there. Joy's mom got them hats. They rode for an hour and Jasper didn't want to leave. I will have to go with them next time. They really loved it.

Jacob was trying to get Jasper to wear his hat but he didn't want to. Jasper ended up throwing it in the seat behind him where Jacob couldn't find it. Jasper then had a grin on his face.

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