Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dudes night!!

On September 15th, the boys and I had a dudes night! Joy and her mom went to the Indians game. Joy and I went on a bike ride before. We have been biking every other weekend.

When we got back, I took the boys to the library. I was hoping they would nap on the way but I left the stroller in the car Joy took. So I took them in the wagon.

After we went to the library, I found a gated playground next to the library. I let the boys play there for about an hour and half. It's pretty neat there. They have a jungle gym and percussion instruments all around.

The boys played with a 5 year old girl there. She was playing cops and robbers with them. She kept putting Jasper "in jail" and Jacob thought it was so funny. He got put in jail too and they kept trying to escape.

It's was fun but sometimes the girl would get too rough with them and I would have to tell her she was playing too rough.

I found the park to be pretty depressing with the kids there. There was no one really watching this girl. I think her older sister was there in a distance not paying any attention to her.

There was another little boy, probably about ten who looked like he needed someone to talk to. His grandma was watching him from a distance. The boy was telling me he used to live here and he misses it. His new neighbor is "trashy" and he is not allowed out.

After awhile, we headed home. The boys really wanted to go for a walk to see a train. So we walked around but no train. I told them if we hear a train before dark we will run and see it.

We were eating dinner when we heard a choo choo, I looked at them and said "are you ready!? Back door now!" They were so excited. I quickly put them in their wagon and ran down the street. We saw the choo choo!!

Fun dudes night!!

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