Friday, September 17, 2010

Beep beep

The boys are loving their jeep walkers. I called home on my lunch break and Joy told me that Jasper was looking in his rearview mirror, which is actually just a sticker, and was backing up. They both love beeping the horn and pressing buttons. They look so proud of themselves that they can stand up on their own in the walker.

Last night, I just put Jacob in the walker. Sometimes his head falls a bit forward, so Joy has been putting something between him and the steering wheel, so he doesn't bump his head. Last night I put a pillow in between. He started punching the pillow. He put his hand into a fist and started going at it. He would then look at me and smile.

Teething continues. Jacob is now pulling on his ears and rubbing his tongue along his gums. He's also been wanting more attention. Not so much sitting down attention but he wants you to stand up and walk around. Luckily Jasper has been really content with this at least with me.

We avoided going to a family birthday party last week to avoid sickness that's going around. However, Joy caught a bug anyway. I've been trying to let her sleep a bit more at night. Luckily, this weekend her mom will be over. Hopefully she can get all the rest she needs to feel better before Monday hits. So far the boys and I are in the clear!

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