Monday, September 27, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Three Bears Halloween

In The Three Bears Halloween by Kathy Duval and illustrated by Paul Meisel, The Three Bears embark on a Trick-Or-Treating adventure. They come up to an old looking house. When the little bear says "trick or treat" the door creaks open up. After the door opens up, they hear a laugh and see a witch behind the tree. So, naturally they enter the house and start eating popcorn! After they hear more laughing from the witch they get chased around the house and turns out to Goldilocks in somewhat of a silly revenge tale to scare the Three Bears.

It's a pretty cute story. It's short. It's simple. But as I was thinking about this... should we teaching our kids to be running into some random person's house if they're being chased? I would think the first response would be run into the street and try to find other people. I guess if you were being chased and you do go into some random person's house, maybe you should get to the phone. Anyway, maybe I'm missing the point of this short children's story.

The story was okay. I don't know why but for some reason it bugged me that the little bear said "boo boo boo" instead of "trick or treat" in the beginning of the story. I don't think this a book I would purchase or get it out from library again but it was a nice read.

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