Friday, September 24, 2010

Similac Recalled! Mother of Twins

My boys were born a little early and a little small and initially had a hard time latching and eating. I was scared they were not getting enough to eat and exhausted with the mandatory two - three hour feeding schedule our pediatrician started us on. I made the decision to breast pump, which has worked out wonderfully; my husband gets to feed the boys, I get to sleep through a feeding or two and I don't feel bad about the failed breast feeding attempt. Hopefully, if a single birth baby is in our future breast feeding will go more smoothly, but since so much can go wrong its disheartening that a major brand of baby food has been recalled.
In the passed week or two I have been toying with the idea of making the transition to formula, the boys are 4 months old now and are surpassing the average size for a boy their age and I am tired of being tethered to a machine. However with the recent recall I will indefinitely (well until the boys hit 10-12 months) be sticking with breast milk. If nothing else I can thank similac for giving me the motivation necessary to continue with the plan of "breast feeding" my boys for the majority of their first year.

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