Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Six Month vaccines

This time I had a whole new approach. I thought we were lucky last time after they got their shots. They quickly passed out for most of the day. I went ahead played around the house, thinking the boys are not affected by the vaccines. Then came bed time for Joy and the boys screamed! Apparently, the shots did affect them and they were none too pleased. I then wished I had napped or rested during the day.

So after we got the shots, they fell asleep on the ride home. So I headed off to bed shortly after we got home. Joy pumped and then joined me. Even though, I didn't fall asleep I was resting in case I don't get any sleep later.

Jasper work up shortly after Joy joined. He drank a bottle and fell back asleep. Joy tried to move him back to his crib but woke up. A little later Jacob woke up. He got a bottle and then fell back asleep. Jasper followed.

I got a couple hours asleep and then comforted Jacob till he fell back asleep. I then comforted Jasper till we both fell asleep on the couch watching The Last Man on Earth.

The main difference at the actual event of getting the shots was that I think they knew it was coming when they got the liquid part. The nurse gave it to them and they both freaked. They're weren't too happy about getting pricked. However, after they got their clothes on and we were checking out they were both falling asleep.

I'm very proud of my boys! They did really great. I don't like getting pricked either but if I were their size and that size of a needle came at me, I would be scared too!

It's really cute when they're clingy and want to be held afterwords. It's kind of like they're saying "make it all better, daddy!"

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