Thursday, November 18, 2010

teething and the zoo

I started writing this blog Monday and then got distracted... Here is what I wrote:


We thought they were teething before and thought our doctor was lying because she didn't even check to see. Well, time has come by and no sign of teeth. Until last week. We've had extra grumpy babies. Joy felt around in Jasper's mouth and felt the bumps of teeth.

We were really hoping they would just pop out during the weekend but no luck. Both the boys have been extra clingy. Although, we haven't felt the bumps on Jacob's gums he's been waking up about every hour. Oral gel seems to work for the most part. We have been bringing them to bed with us.

On Saturday, we decided to take the boys to the zoo for the first time. We thought maybe being outside would help keep their minds off their teeth. Also we thought it would be fun.

They really loved the jelly fish exhibit. They were both putting their hands on the glass trying to touch the jellies also I think they really loved the moving colors. They tuckered out pretty quick afterwards. They both fell asleep in the stroller and slept on the ride home.


Today is Thursday and last night we noticed Jasper has a tooth poking out! He's been a totally trooper the last couple of days.

Jacob now has bumps on his gums! I think he is feeling the pain. They've both been night owls but around 5 in the morning he stated freaking the other day. I tried to hold him in bed but that was a no go. We ended up going to living room and I held him on the couch. I turned on the news and we both passed out.

This weekend, we're having thanksgiving at my parents' house. I'm hoping the boys feel well enough. Last time we were over everyone rushed to hold them. That freaked them out. This time Joy and I will make sure they are cool before handing them off.

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