Friday, November 5, 2010

Flipping sleep schedule

Had a sweet four day weekend last weekend. During that time, we were determined to flip the boys sleeping schedule. At that point, they were staying up most of the night. Getting three hours of sleep was really wearing on me/us.

During the day, we kept them awake, delaying and limiting nap times. That wasn't always easy as they would reply very unhappily. By Monday, we went shopping and we were in the about three forty minute rides. During those rides they napped.

By the time I headed back to work, we were rewarded by the boys sleeping through the night only waking to feed or to be held for a few minutes. I went to work on Wednesday feeling so refreshed. Even today, I'm feeling alive and alert! What a great feeling!

In other news: the boys are starting to get hair!! 5 months later. It seems like every day I'm noticing they have more and more hair. Hopefully in time for winter, they will have a full head of hair.

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