Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving part 1

Thanksgiving with my side of the family went quite well. Joy and I held the boys at first till they got used to everyone there. After they got ready to be held by others, we didn't hold them again till it's just us and my parents.

My mom held Jacob most of the night. At first she thought he was scared of her. She held him away so that be wouldn't see her. I told her that he needs to get used to her. So she turned him around and held him inward. No issues. He eventually fell asleep on her. I actually dished out all her food because she didn't want to give him up to eat. One of my nieces held Jasper most of the night. He fell asleep on her at the table. He buried his head into her arm as if to block out of the light.

The boys eventually got to play with their toys together at the kitchen counter. My sister took a lot of pictures. It was neat seeing them go for the same toys and then work it out. What happened after they got the toys was they knocked them down on the ground.

One thing that was neat was, we were able to put the boys on the floor to practice curling. My parents have carpet, which we don't. I think it's decided we'll have to visit for "carpet time."

Next big thing this week: 6 month vaccines on Tuesday. Wish us luck!

Speak of six months, happy half birthday yesterday! Wow! Can't believe they're six months old already!

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