Thursday, April 7, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: A Flea in the Ear

My go-to book is either the Lorax or Where The Sidewalk Ends. I was determined to grab a new book from boys large collection of books. Over the summer, our local library was having a book sale. You buy a bag and then you can fill it with as many books as you can. Joy and I raided the children's selections. One of those books was A Flea In The Ear by Stephen Wyllie and that was the book I randomly choose to read to the boys.

I sat on the rug with the boys standing and then trying to climb me to get the book out of my hands.

The story is about a gullible dog with fleas that's job is to protect the hens. There is fox however who would love to take those hens off the dog's hands.

The fox tries to make a deal with the dog because he has a family secret to get rid of the fleas. The fox offers to give secret for free after the dog denies the first deal to give up the hens for it.

The fox tells the dog to basically go down to the lake and go into the water to drown the fleas. The fox is such a nice guy, he offers to watch the hens so the dog doesn't lose his job.

The dog buys it and heads down to the lake. However, a flea goes up the dog's ear and tells him what's going down.

The dog spares the flea's lives and head's to the fox to seek revenge. The fox had taken the hens.

The dog told the fox he didn't get rid of the fleas because there too many ducks in the lake. The fox then went down to the lake to feast on the ducks but instead got all the dog's fleas. The dog spared all the hen's lives.

One thing I thought about after reading the story is; what is stopping the fox from drowning all the fleas?

I thought it was cute that instead of having the fox feast on the hens, he just kidnapped them by putting them in bags.

All-in-all the story was okay. I'll read it to the boys again. I'm not really sure revenge is the correct thing to teach the boys though.

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