Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reading and the Nightly Rituals

I've been majoring lacking at reading to the boys. I've been thinking it's time to start really reading to the boys at night. I was reading to them a lot during Halloween time because it's my favorite holiday and I love spooky stories. 

We got a nightly ritual going on now. Around 9pm, I'll change their diapers and grab their bottles of milk. Then Joy and I will feed them a bottle while watching a movie with the lights off in the living room. I'll leave the lights on in the hallway to give some light. 

I've been doing this for awhile to kinda let the boys know it's bed time. A lot of times they will fall asleep while drinking from their bottles. However if that doesn't work, I'll hold one of them and rock him to sleep. After I get one to sleep, if Joy hasn't gotten who she had asleep, I'll take him and do the same. 

So, last I incorporated a story before diaper changes. I read to them "A Flea In The Ear," a story about gullible dog and fox that tricks him. 

The boys climbed on me as I sat on the floor. They enjoyed trying to grab the book. I would keep moving it out of their direction as they kept getting closer and continued to read.  

After I finished, I realized that it would be a good idea to start reading as a part of the nightly ritual. I talked to Joy afterwards and she agreed.

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