Thursday, April 21, 2011

Climb climb

Yesterday, when was on my way home I called Joy. Joy informed me that Jasper can climb stairs. Apparently, the door to the upstairs got open somehow, we blame our cat.

Joy was in the living room. She heard the boys laughing in a way they sounded like they were getting into trouble. She went to see what was going on and found Jasper on the second step and Jacob cheering him on.

Joy was amazed that he could climb stairs, yet not walk more than a couple of steps. So she went behind him and watched him climb five steps.

Joy also informed me that we need to make sure we strap the boys into their high chairs now.

At first we didn't feel the need to strap them in because they weren't going any where. It was only about a month or so ago that we started strapping them in to keep them in the general same spot so we could feed them and it would shorten freak outs.

So anyway, she told me that Jacob climbed out of his high chair.

So yesterday they both climbed and we need to up the security. We have a skeleton key that we're gonna use to lock the upstairs and make sure the boys are strapped in their high chairs at all times.

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