Saturday, April 16, 2011

first nice day

Sunday we had big plans for the first fully nice day. We started off by heading to the zoo. This time we brought the wagon. The boys got a big kick out of being wheeled around and plus getting to see each other as they're facing each other in the wagon.

We had been to the zoo a couple weeks earlier so we just did a quick walk through. It's really nice having member passes.

Joy suggested we go quickly and start at the far end of the zoo so there aren't as many people. It was a lot of fun. It is also fun spotting other twins. It's so weird how many are out there if you look.

We stopped at the penguins and got a ton of really cool pictures of the penguins swimming by the boys in their wagon.

After the zoo, we headed home for lunch and nap time. We hoped to take the boys out on a bike ride. We got a bike trailer for them that fits on the back of my bike. I've been dying to try it out.

However, the boys weren't having it with nap time. They fell asleep on the ride home. We got them in their cribs all successfully.

Joy and I were outside and I made the mistake of putting our dog on the chain. He barked and I quickly went to get him but it was too late. He woke up the boys. So we had lunch and I was unable to get the boys to nap.

Totally giving up on trying to get them to nap, we set the playpen outside. The boys loved being outside. Joy and I planted trees that we had gotten and also berries. The boys loved watching. They also played with their toys in their playpen.

Around 3pm, we tried to give nap another try. Jacob fell asleep but Jasper did not. Joy went out to work in the yard. I stayed in and tried to get Jasper to sleep. I put on the tv and put on an making off documentary for the Exorcist. He eventually fell asleep and I joined Joy.

Then Jacob woke up and I went back inside and did the same for Jacob. Eventually after falling asleep and then waking to a fire engine going down the street. I got him back to sleep and joined Joy.

Joy and I worked in the garden; cutting down a large tree branch and tilling the ground. We are going to have a huge garden this summer.

The boys woke up around six for dinner. They played till after 10.

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