Friday, April 15, 2011

thriftin' and pakin'

Last Saturday was supposed to be 60 degrees and 78 on Sunday. Finally, the first nice weekend of the year! Yay!! I could not wait. The week seemed to drag a bit because I was dying to be outside with Joy and the boys.

We did not realize until Saturday morning that it wasn't gonna be warm until later in the afternoon.

During the week, Joy and her mom had re-arranged the living room. Joy had taken a baby gate that I had tripped on and broke and created two new barricades to keep the boys from getting to the tv.

The new barricades have been very successful. We have not had anymore run ins with the tv. The night after they rearranged, I cleaned off the finger prints on the tv.

The boys play area is now set up behind the couch. Which can make it a little hard to see them. I think a hand mirror will be helpful.

So, since it wasn't too nice Saturday morning, we headed to the thrift store. We went looking for a table for their play area and a basket to help with one of the barricades.

We didn't find any but Joy found a couple dresses for her mom and I found a couple of records. It was fun looking around.

That night when it warmed up, we headed to the park by our house. We took the boys in their new wagon, which they loved.

We stopped at the play area and held the boys as we left them go down the slide. They got such a kick out it.

Afterwards, we put the boys on the swings. Jacob was cracking up as I went in front of him and pushed him. Every time he came close to me I'd make a face or pretend to be get pushed over. He laughed really hard.

Joy pushed Jasper who was still kinda sleepy from falling asleep in the car earlier.

While I was pushing Jacob, a boy came up and was going through our wagon. I quickly took our camera out. He asked why I kept the wagon there and he grabbed the handle. I asked him to leave it and he asked "why?" I said "so I don't lose it." He then said "I wasn't gonna take it." I felt like an ass but i talked with Joy as we were leaving and she agreed I did the right thing.

We stopped at a pizza shop on the way home and picked up a pizza. We then ate pizza on the patio. It was so nice to be outside.

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