Friday, April 22, 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Early this week, we stopped at the local grocery store, Acme and I raced out to purchase some cookies and cream ice cream.

When we got home, I got Joy and I a cup of ice cream. I brought it back to the couch and gave a spoon of it to Jasper. Jasper made a yucky face, I believe because he wasn't expected something cold. Shortly after his first bite, he was ready for another.

After a couple spoon servings, Jacob got wind of what was going on and came over. He gave the same first response, a yucky face but ready for more.

I was then giving Jasper a spoon serving, then me, then Jacob, then me, etc. Before long, the ice cream was gone. Jacob was not happy! He freaked out when there wasn't any more ice cream. I had to hold him till he calmed down.

Since ice cream doesn't last very long in our house, the same event repeated for the next couple nights.

I almost thought they were like little zombies; gaining up and trying to eat my brains but instead it was ice cream. As soon as it was gone Jacob would flip. I told him "I feel the same way" when the ice cream is out.

So needless to say, they love their ice cream just like their momma and papa.

It will be a lot of taking the boys out for ice cream this summer.

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