Monday, March 21, 2011

The Buzzards of Hinkley?

Saturday, we traveled to Hinkley, Ohio. They were supposed to have buzzards in their metro park. They have a festival for it. We went a day before to avoid the festival crowd. However, we didn't see any buzzards. We walked to the area where they were supposed to be and watched but no luck.

The park there is really nice though! They have a path that is perfect for the stroller. It's hilly so there is a good work-out involved. Plus they have a neat dam.

It was too cold to take the boys out for long. We step up the stroller to walk but the wind was too cold so we didn't even bother getting the boys out of the car.

After we left we stopped at one of our favorite thrift stores. I looked for records and old recoding equipment but had no luck. Joy found shorts, pants, and a skirt.

The boys enjoyed being carted around the store. They both loved holding their hands out and feeling all the clothes.

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