Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walk to us, you can do it!

Joy and I have been trying harder to get the boys to start walking. Joy read about clapping and making them want to come to you while they are standing.

Jacob is getting really close. He works his right foot really well. He is able to make a step with it. However, his left foot is keeping him back. He uses his left to lean on but when he tries to move it, he falls on his butt. He gets really excited if you take both his hand and hold them so he can walk. He talk giant steps filled with laughter.

Jasper surprised us when we weren't looking by doing same thing one day by Jacob's crib. When we try to get him to walk to us by clapping or showing him something he wants, he'll just get down on the ground and crawl over to us.

Both boys will look for anything they can to hold on to walk to us. If you're holding your hand out, they'll try to grab on.

I really think they'll be walking in no time. I would imagine in the next few weeks if not sooner.

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