Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Last Saturday we took the boys to their first public event. We went to the Saint Patrick's Day parade. It was a major success and can count on us going to any future parades.

The boys slept for the 20 minutes it took for us to drive down and chill while we waited for parade to begin. Jasper woke up when we put him in the stroller and Jacob stayed asleep until he was awoken by the police siren of the beginning on the parade.

Jacob was a little sleepy during the parade. I held him as he soaked in the cars, the people, and the marching bands.

Jasper was never happier! He loved watching the parade. He clapped his hands when the marching bands came by. He spent most of the time smiling and jumpy.

Joy put Jasper back in his stroller and he couldn't help but be jumpy and smiley while singing. Jacob was really happy because I was sitting on the curb next to Jasper. So Jacob enjoyed playing with Jasper and sharing the excitement.

Jasper was in the best mood for the rest of day. My parents came over to visit afterwards. They're still not used to my parents. However Jasper was in such a good mood, he warmed up right away. I think it also helped my parents greeted them with gigantic stuffed animals.

It took a little bit for Jacob to get warmed up to my parents. Eventually my dad took and was goofing with him, which made him smile.

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