Monday, March 21, 2011

At the Zoo

Sunday, we took the boys to their second zoo visit. Joy purchased a groupon for a family membership to the zoo and we had to redeem by the end of this month.

The weather was nice! We left after a failed attempt at a morning nap. So we fed the boys lunch and tried to give the boys a nap in the car while Joy and I ate lunch at the park. Jacob fell asleep and Jasper took several mini-naps on the way to the park.

We finally got the zoo and the place was packed! More packed than we'd ever seen the Akron zoo. I got out of the car to purchase the zoo membership, while Joy parked the car and got the boys in the stroller.

Jacob woke up when Joy put him in the stroller. Jasper stayed asleep. We thought he would wake up after we got into the zoo, but nope! I said his name and rubbed his head gently but he stayed asleep.

Jacob was in awe of all the people. He was just quietly looking around. We tried to show him some of the animals but wanted to people watch instead.

Jasper eventually woke up. Joy got him out of the stroller and showed him a goose. She put him back into the stroller, where he joined Jacob in people watching.

After we left the zoo, being that the weather was warm. We headed off to another park. The park had a wooden path that went into the woods.

The boys loved being at the park more than the zoo. They were more vocal, talking and singing. I think because there was less people around.

I'm wondering if the Akron zoo is normally that busy or because it was one of the first nice days of the year. Either way, we need to work on the boys being more social. Joy and I are both not very social and we don't want the boys to be that way.

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