Friday, March 18, 2011

Swinging the Babies

The warm weather is finally here! Well, just for a little bit. Last Thursday, I was able to go for a walk with Joy and the boys after work. It was so great to finally be outside.

I can't wait to start nightly walks with the boys and now Joy! Last summer/fall, Joy and I were on a different sleep schedule. However, now that the boys and I are sleeping (mostly) through the night, going on a full family walk is possible!

So while we were on our walk, Joy suggested to try to baby swings. I was a bit scared but quickly changed to amazement.

The baby swings are deep so it's really hard for them to fall out. At first I was holding onto the swing to make sure no accidents happen. Then I took out my phone to snap a few pictures. After that I realized I don't to worry as much. So I let go and stood right in front and lightly pushed Jacob.

The only bad thing was Jacob was intent to lick the metal part of the swing. Not to mention, it looked a bit rusty from the winter. I had a hard time stopping him, so Joy took over. She had been pushing Jasper. She pushed Jacob so he was facing forward and pushed. This helped Jacob stop and made him really enjoy the swinging experience more.

I pushed Jasper after that. He loved it. I made him smile by pushing him and then when he'd swing towards me, I made faces.

Next weekend, I'm taking a long weekend. I was really hoping it would be warm so we could all be outside but it doesn't look likely. It'll still be great being home.

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