Saturday, March 12, 2011

Crying It Out

Sleeping at night has gotten so much better. However there is need for improvement. Usually after an hour or if we're lucky four hours, Jacob will wake up and want to go held to sleep on the couch with me. He will not have it anywhere else. He doesn't not like to be taken to bed.

Jasper on the other hand loves being taken to bed. So during the night I will grab Jacob and head off to the couch and Joy will grab Jasper to take to bed.

Well, one night this week I took Jasper to the couch. Jacob woke up in his crib and Joy tried to take him to bed with her. Jacob would not have and had a fit.

This made Joy come to the conclusion that this is not working. I agree although at the moment I just wanted to go to bed. 

Joy held Jacob for awhile but he was still freaking. So she put him in his crib and like the doctor said "let them cry it out." 

About 2 hours later, he finally passed out. I was then able to put Jasper in his crib and got to go to bed.

We were awaken a bit later to them crying. However, this time we didn't get them.  Then for some reason they started laughing, followed by silence. They both fell asleep on their own! So proud of them.

The next night, we got them to sleep in their cribs and they slept pretty darn good! For now on, we will let them cry it out a bit longer before getting them.

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