Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jam packed weekend!

Our goal was to reverse the boys schedule so that they would sleep more at night rather than the day and be up all night. Getting barely any sleep had been catching up to Joy and I. So we had a jam packed weekend to keep them awake during the day.

Saturday, we had a get-together at my parents' house. The boys got to meet their 87 year old great grandmother for the first time. She was thrilled. My one aunt who is normally really quiet was the most bubbly that I've seen her. She took the boys and introduced them to everyone.

The boys got their shot at being held by everyone. Joy and I got a chance to chill and be fed. Eventually the Jasper fell asleep in Joy's arms and Jasper in my mom's arms.

After we left, we took the boys to Sam's Club to do some grocery shopping. I grabbed a large bag of coffee and started to sing "Daddy loves coffee" to the tune of "I want candy" which gave Jasper some good belly laughs.

Sunday, we continued our grocery shopping. Jacob was really mellow and Jasper was a little fussy. Joy ended up holding Jasper, which did the trick.

We were at Wal Mart and they had a flu shot station, so Joy got hers while I was in line and I got my mine after we checked out.

We went home and then took the boys for a walk in the park. I totally miss being able to take them out for a walk every night. Now that it is getting dark earlier, I'm unable to do so. I've been thinking about taking them to the mall to do some walking but that hasn't happened yet.

Joy brought our dog Ace with us, who hasn't been on a walk since right after they were born. Ace got really protective over the boys when other dogs walked by. He barked, which he didn't normally do. I think trying to take him on a walk with us is going to be a lost cause. It was way too difficult to both watch the boys and hold ace while he was freaking at other dogs. Good thing both Joy and I were there.

So I think our plan worked. The boys seem to be sleeping a lot better at night! Jasper has almost been sleeping through the whole night. Jacob has been getting up every few hours. I think because he wants to be held or cuddled.

The boys also tried banana over the weekend! The first was homemade mixed with soy formula which they ate but weren't very fond of. We got some baby food from the store which they liked a lot better. Joy noticed they mixed the banana with water. I think we will try that in the future.

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